A story of shattered hopes

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  • This story is written from the perspective of a Shia Muslim. Extreme care has been taken to not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. I believe in respecting everyone’s point of view. 😊
  • pbuh means — peace be upon him/her.
  • Imam means religious leader.
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Travel. Iraq. Pilgrimage.

...and a request that was made 1400-years ago!

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…and its exquisite heritage!

Photo Source: Imam Reza Holy Shrine


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Don’t Generalise

Travel and Iraq

“We are going on a pilgrimage to Iraq and Iran,” my Dad announced.

Imam Ali Holy Shrine, Photo Gallery of the Official Website of the Imam Ali Holy Shrine https://www.imamali.net/?id=2500


Travel and Culture

Exploring a rich history blending tradition and modernity


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  1. Support Yourself —We often unknowingly seek support from others. We want people to understand us and when this…

Amen Naqvi

Software Engineer| India

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