A story of shattered hopes

“I am late!” muttered Laila as she walked into the cramped lanes of her neighbourhood. She held the earthen pot between her waist and left arm and adjusted the dupatta over her head with her right hand. …

A brief study of the life of Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Mohammad

Disclaimer :

  • This story is written from the perspective of a Shia Muslim. Extreme care has been taken to not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. I believe in respecting everyone’s point of view. 😊
  • pbuh means — peace…

Travel. Iraq. Pilgrimage.

...and a request that was made 1400-years ago!

Every year in the Islamic month of Safar, thousands of Shia Muslims in Iraq leave their homes to begin a remarkable walk. Many people from different parts of the world also join this walk. People walking on this journey don’t worry about medical care, food, accommodation, or any other facility…

…and its exquisite heritage!

In my last travel blog, I took you to Iraq to explore the Arab culture. Now, it’s time to take you to Iran to complete the rest of the journey.

After spending ten days in Iraq, we boarded a flight to Mashhad, Iran. The primary language of Iran is Persian…

Preconceived notions have become common in our society. Many of us spend a good part of our lives seeing the world through the lens of others. These notions are dangerous because they create a barrier between two individuals. It eats away every chance of harmony and gives birth to conflicts…

Travel and Iraq

“We are going on a pilgrimage to Iraq and Iran,” my Dad announced.

Many Iraqi cities hold high religious significance to Shia Muslims and are visited by people from all over the world. I got super excited and started preparing for our trip.

I believe that to explore a country properly, one should be familiar with the native language. So, I started learning…

Travel and Culture

Exploring a rich history blending tradition and modernity

Delhi is the capital city of India and it has a very special place in my heart. One reason can be that it is my home but the main thing that attracts me about Delhi is that it is a very beautiful blend of traditional and modern life. Delhi is…

Inner peace is like liberty in tranquillity — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Like many others, I have also struggled for inner peace. My quest for it included many things such as reading motivational books or listening to motivational speakers but everything I did make me realise that inner peace cannot come…

Amen Naqvi

Software Engineer| India

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