My Quest for Inner Peace

Inner peace is like liberty in tranquillity — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Like many others, I have also struggled for inner peace. My quest for it included many things such as reading motivational books or listening to motivational speakers but everything I did make me realise that inner peace cannot come from external factors rather it has to come from inside, i.e, from the change of perspective.

Here are the following changes that I brought to my perspective and I feel free now.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

“Be sure that there is something waiting for you after much patience, to astonish you to a degree that you forget the bitterness of the pain.“- Ali ibn Abi Talib

6. Count Your Blessings — No doubt that whatever situation we might be in, we are still better than someone from any part of the world who is suffering more hardships than us. Start counting 5 blessings daily. It will make you realise that it is still not bad if you still get food easily whenever you are hungry or have a roof over you to sleep in the bitter cold.

“Your current situation that you are complaining about is sometimes a dream for the one who is dealing with greater problems” — Anonymous

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